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While the album would be worthwhile simply for the introduction of a remarkably talented singer, it is so much more than that. On the music side, it is a gallery of some of New York cabaret’s finest arrangers, accompanists, and musicians. Unlike many recordings featuring multiple music directors which can seem “cut & paste,” this one remains a cohesive and singular statement. It is a work of art.

Gerry Geddes

Bistro Awards

When Linda Kahn finally took her debut bows at The Triad Theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side, it was to a thunderous and well-deserved ovation in a fully-packed house. Say Yes! and Linda Kahn were a hit, and she had come home.

Stephen Mosher

Broadway World Interview

 “Say Yes!” is an auspicious debut show with notably fine collaboration.

Alix Cohen

Woman About Town

“A sophisticated evening highlighting not only her gossamer voice, but also the authentic heart of a true storyteller.”

David Sabella

Cabaret Hotspot

Linda brings warmth, connection, and entertaining stories all wrapped up in a main course of rapturous singing.”

David Friedman

“Her wonderful musical taste, vocal color, inflection of tone and even gestures, create a whole evening well worth seeing.”

Cabaret Hotspot

Linda Kahn offered up an A-class production in her deliciously positive program Say Yes! at the Laurie Beechman Theatre.

Bart Greenberg

Cabaret Scenes

Linda Kahn performed a wonderful repertoire of songs that successfully delivered on the title of her show, Say Yes!, at the Laurie Beechman Theatre.

Betsyann Faiella

Bistro Awards

A night everyone was glad they had said ‘yes’ to.”

Michael Tingley

Theater Pizazz

From the elevated stage at The Triad and the considerable distance between the spotlight and the first row, Kahn made it her mission to sing to her guests, to talk to her patrons, to look into every pair of eyes that she could, in order to make the human-to-human bond a strong one.

Stephen Mosher

Broadway World

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