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Stephen Mosher /

Broadway World Cabaret

2024 Bistro Award Winner

2023 MAC Award Nominee

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Bistro Award-winning Album for Outstanding Recording

Praise for "Wait Til You See What's Next"

While the album would be worthwhile simply for the introduction of a remarkably talented singer, it is so much more than that. On the music side, it is a gallery of some of New York cabaret’s finest arrangers, accompanists, and musicians.


Unlike many recordings featuring multiple music directors which can seem “cut & paste,” this one remains a cohesive and singular statement. It is a work of art.

Gerry Geddes

Bistro Awards

The album is not just a stunning example of your vocal talent but shines a light on many of New York's finest songwriters and musicians.

Bistro Awards Committee

Linda Kahn sounds burnished, like dew on the grass, a reverie. Even when a song swells, there’s softness and warmth in her voice.


This is not to say that she’s a vocal pushover. Her breathing is sure, and the sustained notes are produced as naturally as exhaling. Octaves rise and fall with graceful intention. This extremely coherent collection is about the coming and going of love.

Alix Cohen






343 W 46th St

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David Friedman

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